Ryan Daughenbaugh


I just recently graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, CO with a BFA in Graphic Design. I have been designing professionally for about 10 years now. Every year it seems I have taken a larger step in my understanding and knowledge of design through practice and experience. Back in 2009, After about 2 years of practice I got a job at 7Twenty Boardshop, Inc. They had a need for design work and allowed me to work with my passion and love for the industry which helped me to develop my understanding of product design in a fast and broad way. After 4 years of creating many skateboard, t-shirt, hoodie, hat, flyer, coupon, promotion and business card designs, I decided that I wanted a greater design role.

I left there and was hired by a company called Our Family Jewels, Inc., in 2013. My boss was a dentist and he had multiple subsidiary companies which produced products such as ultrasonic toothbrushes, teeth whitening kits, travel chargers, and tooth polish. I was the lead in-house designer in charge of doing all the graphic needs for all of the companies. Over a span of 3.5 years I designed multiple design systems for his products. Starting with branding exploration, product design, package design, to taking photographs of the product once arrived and editing and preparing web content to drive customers to the new products in the online store. I would maintain the web marketing materials to coincide with the web pages for all the products.

In 2016, I left there and decided to return to school to obtain my bachelor’s degree in hopes of propelling my career forward and having greater success for the years to come in the design industry. While in school I realized how to elevate a simple task and add my style and design vision to projects that I get a chance to work on. I found that to take the hard road and to take the road less traveled results in more understanding and experience in the end. I spend my entire time at school trying to take the long road and doing things the hard way with hopes the results would speak for themselves.