Mark Changizi


I am a consumer insights researcher and specialist, have ten years of experience marketing for both my own books and for my own lens company, and would like to be considered for the position of “Brand Marketing Manager.”

As a cognitive scientist, I am at the forefront of understanding the human dimension in technology and marketing, and often consult through my Human Factory LLC,

Much of my research concerns consumer experiences, and I am often asked to keynote at conferences (such as the 2010 IIR USA Shoppers Insight conference, and here are photos of me keynoting there), and also at marketing and branding firms, as well as at galleries and art museums.

As founder and CEO of my own start-up, VINO OPTICS (, I have been the marketing and public relations director for seven years, leading to many thousands of sales and giving our company a worldwide presence, including coverage in hundreds of magazines and newspapers such as the NY Times.

For the last ten years I have also been responsible for the marketing and PR of my own books about my research discoveries, and through this I have acquired a network of hundreds of journalist contacts, been covered in many hundreds of stories, and myself have written for many magazines including the Telegraph, WIRED and Forbes.

I believe that, with my research background on consumer experiences and my business experiences in marketing, I would be able to help innovate new directions for Malakye.