Daniel Wang


Since graduated from university, I have worked in apparel business for 6 years:
3 years in online development sales + 3 years in offline production operations.

1. Proficient in operating all business processes of garment manufacturing for 3 years:
design, sample, quotation, procurement, production, shipment, finance, negotiation, etc.
2. Proficient in speaking and translating among English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Minnan dialect.
3. Good at communicating with customers and each department, and following up all the processes independently, ensure them running accurately and timely.
4. Good at finding customers online through various tools and operating e-commerce platforms for 3 years.
5. Have a number of efficient and stable supply chains of garment factories, which can support monthly production of over 100,000 apparels.
6. Have rich perception and understanding in the styles and designs of American fast fashion women's wear.