Michele Flamer-Powell


A sales, merchandising and training development management professional of consumer product goods at both the wholesale and retail level. Ability to manage and lead a team of independent sales rep organizations and identify and sell to large clients within the outdoor, gift and travel industry. Michele has a proven track record in leadership that crosses several genres, and has strong networking skills to work across multiple organizations. Michele also enjoys helping companies think and plan strategically to grow smart; while continuing to grow an expansive network of strong relationships and key partnerships spanning several industries. Working along side creative entrepreneurs has strengthened Michele's ability to work well under pressure with short term and long term goals. In her current role, Michele has been managing and training sales teams for over 10 years. She recently served on three boards; one is The National Association of Retail Buyers, and the second was The Outdoor Industries Woman Coalition (now Cambers Outdoors) and the third was Hike it Baby.