Kara Der

Kara Der

Freelance Graphic Designer

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Kara has certainly been on a wild ride of life, it all started with her birth, she doesn’t remember much, but she is convinced it was fun (sorry mom)! Since then she had moved up through school with no clue what to do.

Then when she turned 8 she decided she wanted to be an artist and was quickly told that she should never follow that dream as it led to nothing, so she moved on. Little did Kara know, she did not follow that advice. Thinking that she would never become an artist she quickly set off trying to figure out what do with her life, all the while doodling for fun on her own. Kara eventually traversed to university with the idea to be a youth leader for teenagers, a job that involved public speaking! Oh boy, poor past Kara did not understand that aspect of the job.

Eventually, she took an art general education class and remembered that she once wanted to wield a pencil! Thus began her trips to various university offices to change her major to become a graphic design major!

Since then, she succeeded. Yay Kara!