Adam Katzen

Adam Katzen


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I excavate the hidden potential in any organization. Its there, hiding just below the surface... and you don't need to deploy millions to uncover it. I can show you exactly how just a little digging can yield explosive bottom line growth.

Experienced Executive with a demonstrated ability to generate game-changing innovations and bridge the gap between interesting ideas and bottom line results. I grow businesses, create effective marketing strategies, build committed teams, coach executives and help generate corporate cultures of trust, purpose and inclusion.

I also write a little bit, teach Buddhism and run the nonprofit Dharma Project which brings meditation and mindfulness into schools, jails, hospitals and businesses.

• Results-driven executive with 20 years of experience building businesses in a variety of industries and corporate environments.
• Creative thinker that can generate new ideas and bring them to life.
• Able to transform raw data into actionable information, identify trends and generate accurate assumptions
• Demonstrated ability to build operational foundations (systems, culture, business models ) for rapid and sustained growth
• Experienced with multiple marketing channels (online and off)
• Can inspire and unlock potential in staff, identify and cultivate leaders, build corporate cultures of commitment and innovation
• Data-driven approach to business strategy built on two decades testing, analyzing data and drawing assumptions.
• Lifetime value, relationship-based approach to sales and marketing
• Ability to connect with both executives and warehouse employees
• Experienced creating, maintaining and interpreting key business metrics and reports