Daniel Rifaterra


I characterize myself as a very responsible person always at any level, which doesn’t produce me any type of stress, as I am a very organized and serene person. My prominent ability of oral and written communication also allows me to be a very sociable person with a high capacity of transmitting a concept. Although my professional profile is still under growth, I would highlight my skills on developing projects, my capacity on giving a meaningful speech to a project, my spatial vision over products and shapes, initiative, and ease on teamwork projects and its coordination and direction. I also learn fast and get along well with computers. I guess my self-criticism must be directed towards my stubbornness.
Being both a designer and engineer is one of my major strengths, because my powerful creativity is never in danger of being unproductive or unrealizable because of my technical subconscious. My engineering abilities aren’t focused on any particular discipline but on almost all of them. Obviously this means I am not an expert in hardly any technical field, and the same happens with marketing or business management. But having a strong knowledge of all of this ingredients necessary for a successful project make me the perfect professional to be in the centre of it, coordinating, directing, and being responsible of the concept, speech, beauty and performance of the result.

Although I am a cosmopolitan and connected to the contemporary world person, I was born and raised surrounded by nature in an Aragon’s village of 10 inhabitants. Thanks to constantly traveling with my family and my own interests and tastes outstanding on my daily social circles, when at 17 I moved to Barcelona to undertake my college studies, people got surprised about my origins. This rural roots allow me nowadays to have a different vision and qualities from the majority of urban society, reflected on my creative and reflexive approach over things. I am Straight Edge (I don’t drink alcohol, do drugs or smoke), and my lifestyle is based on sport and music, that overstock the most of my free time. People often say that all this things that mold my personality are reflected on my creations both on design and music. Different and thoughtful concepts, sober and effective results.

On one hand, as I said before, sport is one of the foundations of my life. Although I am a former basketball player (activity which I have substituted with other fitness activities), action sports are my greatest passion. Taking advantage of the natural environment of my childhood, I started with MTB and Ski, and later with MX/Enduro, although at the moment contact sports also call my attention. My interests in these sports extends to culture, especially in footwear, clothing and equipment, being this my goal field as engineer and designer.
If sport is a half of me, the other half is music. Having a different musical taste since childhood and listening to music the 80% of my day, I’ve been channeling this passion as DJ and producer of electronic music (Techno, DnB...), which has lead me to play at several festivals and Clubs and releasing multiple EPs on different labels such as Sintetics, Sinusoide or Underdub. Furthermore, for more than 2 years I’ve been the head redactor for the Barcelona area of one of the most important electronic music magazines in Spain, Vicious Magazine.