Daniel Rifaterra


Work Qualities

Besides creativity being my main skill, I characterize myself as a very responsible and composed person, capable of resolving situations in moments of stress or pressure thanks to my organiza- tion and calm personality. My prominent ability in oral and written communication also allows me to be a very sociable person with a high capacity for conveying a concept. I would also hi- ghlight my skills in developing complete projects, my ability to build them on top of meaningful speeches, my spatial vision of products and shapes, initiative, and ease in teamwork dynamics and its coordination and direction. I also learn quickly and get along well with computers. I guess my self-criticism must be directed towards my stubbornness.
Being both a designer and an engineer is one of my major strengths because my powerful creati- vity is never in danger of being unproductive or unrealizable, thanks to my technical expertise. The skills of an industrial designer should not necessarily be those of a deep specialist in any specific field of engineering, marketing, or communication. However, having a strong knowled- ge of all these components necessary for a successful project makes me the perfect professional to be at the center of it, coordinating, directing, and being responsible for the concept, speech, beauty, and performance of the end result.


Although they say I look like a very cosmopolitan and contemporary person, I was born and raised surrounded by nature in an Aragon’s village of 10 inhabitants. Thanks to my own interests and tastes beyond what expected form a ‘redneck’ kid, when at 17 I moved to Barcelona to un- dertake my college studies, people got surprised about my origins. This rural roots allowed me then and nowadays to have a different vision and qualities from the majority of urban society, reflected on my creative and reflexive approach over things.
Working at my parents’ restaurant and with agricultural crops since I was a teenager, and also having side jobs alongside university, such as working as an industrial designer in a studio or as the chief editor at a major electronic music magazine, has instilled in me a strong and intrinsic work ethic and independence. Proof of this is the creation of my own startup with two other co-founders right after graduating. Newnorm, where we develop modular and sustainable audio devices, has pushed me to take on significant responsibilities and expand my skills beyond what I believed possible. It has also provided me with invaluable firsthand experience in the industrial and business world, allowing me to mature rapidly as a professional.


I am Straight Edge (I don’t drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke), and my lifestyle is centered around sports and music, which occupy most of my free time. People often say that all these things that shape my personality are reflected in my creations, both in design and music.
Although I am a former basketball player, an activity which I have replaced with other fitness pursuits, my interests in the world of sports are broad and extend to culture, especially in foo- twear, clothing, and equipment. This is one of my favorite areas in design, alongside automotive design and consumer electronics/audio design.
Having had a particular musical taste since childhood and listening sessions accompanying me for most of my days, pushed me to channel this passion as a DJ and electronic music produ- cer. This has led me to perform at various festivals and clubs, release multiple EPs that reached worldwide top 100 positions, and collaborate with well-known artists such as Dellafuente.