Joshua Derx


Joshua Derx, Olean NY
Business Profile, Business Development

I've always had this natural knack and charisma when speaking to individuals. When it comes to empathizing with folks over a situation, I can typically understand their stance.

Could it be my quick wit, or my vintage soul? I'll let you decide.

Thinking on my feet has always been something I pride myself on - and there is something to be said about people who can articulate thoughts / idea's at a snap of the fingers.

Through time, I have come to decipher and utilize those skills to my best advantage. It has allowed me to grow tremendously. Yes, the world is becoming more technologically driven; however, there will always be that need for human interaction. That's where individuals like myself come in.

I carry a strong passion for international business, world news and building relationships. I am a firm believer that anything can be accomplished if your mind is set to complete that task. The world is a large place, and is here to be experienced.