Rami Vy


When I started to study the first degree, I passionate on presentation and I would love to become the future coordinators. I also like interacting with people, and especially make everyone fun and comfortable.

After completing the first degree, I had a chance to work in Retail and Marketing industry in Vietnam with more than 2 years of experience. During that time, I recognized that I would like to improve my own business knowledge in overseas. Furthermore, Singapore is recognized as one of the leading countries in Business major, so I decided to upgrade my own knowledge by studying Bachelor degree in Curtin University.

I prefer to work in a fast paced environment. I am multitasking and eager to learn innovative technologies. My interest is travelling around the world, which inspires me lots of creative ideas for Marketing campaigns. I love listening to music during my free time with my co- workers, this is the best method to develop new ideas for Marketing projects.

My greatest ability is planning and organizational skills because I always arrange my work before starting doing an assignment. This is the reason why I feel really motivated on detail and result oriented.

Until now, I recognized that I have a strong motivation on Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Therefore, I am actively searching for the best Marketing workplace and use my own skills to help my future company growth.

My additional skills are:

Google Adwords
o Keyword research
o SEO and SEM
o Pay Per Click
o Recognizing Seasonal, Daily and Monthly Trends in Viewer Traffic

Social Media Tools: Facebook, Linked In, Instagram

Google drive: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Forms

Ms Word: Formatting and Page setup, Template Building and Editing

Ms PowerPoint: Custom slides, Template, and Animation