Rami Vy


At Suffolk University, I conducted primary research to launch new energy products. I collected data from competitors, marketplace, customers, company strengths, and consolidated into delivering a new organic drink with different natural flavors. I also researched potential or existing competitors to figure out the best energy drink position, best price, and best promotion methods for new products. I googled the energy drinks forecast report to choose Brazil as the high demand for the industry.

In the Marketing Research assignment, I designed a survey about golfers to learn about the surging demand, the attitudes, the behaviors in the pandemic. I analyzed the survey data by SPSS and created clustered, bar charts, line charts, and pie charts in the software. I collaborated with my teammates to interpret data, formulate reports, and make recommendations for clients.

To ensure and sustain data quality, I used 5 main criteria such as accuracy, relevancy, completeness, timeliness, and consistency. For instance, the Wall Street Journal is my credible source used for my assignment; these facts in the source are consistent as it is posted and verified by multiple sources. The information in the source is up-to-date and comprehensive for my needs.

In the Strategic Marketing assignment, I read and analyzed 3 case studies including Fitbit, Carousell and Hubble Contact Lense. I conducted SWOT analysis for two large companies, identified internal and external factors, suggested three strategic marketing plans, and chose the best one for them.

When I was at retail, I had collaborated with my Marketing teams to determine the best ways to increase brand awareness and customer trust. For instance, Vietnamese customers preferred to eat American packaged foods and beverages; therefore, I decided to import the US products, collaborating closely with the teams to tailor high-quality content for attracting customers on social media, including Facebook and Website.