Kevin Metz


I am a well-balanced "left brain/right brain" marketing executive - An engineer & artist. I am a data-driven, innovative & creative CMO/CDO who places the brand & customer experiences first.

I have significant experience building and growing retail omni-channel businesses from start-up, by transformation, and through the optimization of brand, marketing, digital and customer experience. I’m known for leveraging disruptive technologies and analytics-based insight of customer behavior & needs to drive tremendous growth. I'm admired for building, mentoring, educating, and inspiring customer-focused teams across professional disciplines. I am an expert in acquiring and retaining customers while maximizing engagement and loyalty. I have exhibited progressive responsibility growth as a result of my success.

- Transformed marketing organization driving a 45% increase in total company revenue to $500M.
- Built platforms, deployed technologies and leveraged analytics that doubled online revenue.
- Launched new e-commerce and direct-to-consumer businesses in excess of $60 million.
- Led teams of up to 100 employees and operated online businesses as large as $300 million.

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