Isabella Lopez


Treasurer of San José State Women's Rugby Team
Participation in this athletic club started to reincorporate women's rugby back to SJSU, as it had disbanded years ago. As a board member, this position required making executive decisions which affected our yearly economic plan. Also, allowed for future semesters to follow a set and stone plan that would benefit the organization for years to come. First year as a board member and third as a member, led to drastic growth of the organization by turning the team from a returning five-player roster into an organization with nearly thirty members. Which allowed for the role to manage nearly $12,000 dollars of student-member club fees.

Member of Anthropology Club
Networked with students in the anthropology departments. The opportunity allowed for interconnectivity between various domains in anthropology. In addition, collaborated on projects and was given the space to grow as a group and personally in the discipline.

Member of Global Student Network
Volunteered on board panels and campus events to promote San José State's Study Abroad Program. Also, volunteered in orientation events to help international students visiting SJSU accumulate to campus life.