Justin Sana

Justin Sana

Senior Office Specialist

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I am currently a Senior Office Specialist for the San Jose Public Library system.

Outside of my current occupation, I am pursuing a masters in Library and Information Sciences at the SJSU iSchool. I started the program with hopes of eventually working in academic libraries, but now I may be more open towards public libraries given my recent volunteering experiences with the San Jose Public Library as well as working the the DDA community who often rely on public services. I am also finding that I want to increase my technical ability and developing an interest in information architecture.

In considering my future prospects, I am open to positions within the Skateboarding world. In my youth, I was a passionate skateboarder and had believed that even if I couldn't cut with what I could do on the board, I wanted to somehow be involved in that world and contribute to it. Now, considering my background in library and information sciences, as well as my administrative background, I am keeping an eye out for an opportunity from a company or organization within the Skateboarding world.