Tim  Holmström

Tim Holmström

Brand & Content Strategist /Promotions

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I am a marketer, innovator and big picture thinker who specializes in branding and content creation.

Currently Director Marketing and Strategy at Wildly Creative LLC and contributing in creative roles for other agencies and projects as a digital media strategist and branding consultant.

A strong believer in the power of words, relationships and storytelling to frame and help build brands, organizations and movements. Forging a brand voice and social voice for clients with nuance and clarity.

o My background and responsibilities include developing social media campaigns, digital content creation for a wide range of clients and creative agencies.

o A decade of international event planning management and logistics boutique travel companies in the small travel sector.

o Filming, editing and principle photography for a wide range of clients. Digital content creation, story and narrative development and experiential branding. Most creative work done in the travel, beauty, hospitality, and food sectors. I have experience building and managing websites with Wordpress.

o Digital content and social media, focusing on Facebook Content and Paid Ads, Instagram and Linked In, Hubspot and Buffer to schedule timing and frequency of outreach. Developing other communication platforms that would be reaching B2B or B2C and various stakeholders.

o Creating and capturing ongoing story-telling moments that can be converted into multi-purpose marketing and branding materials.

o Tracking, shaping, and managing the organization’s digital footprint and online presence across media platforms.

o Continuously generating engaging content and reference materials fit for strategic dissemination to specific stakeholders

?o Employing an instinct for good storytelling, visualization and conceptualization
whether rolling out a new idea or an evolving brand.

I am a father and lifetime photographer and storyteller. I am a marketer, innovator and big picture thinker who enjoys branding, content creation and community building. With time and experience I've learned the value of patience and importance of details in order to "go slow to go fast.”

I work with clients on integrated branding approaches and find it rewarding to collaborate on meaningful brand strategies, unique content creation and effective creative campaigns for clients.

Watching something wondrous unfold and resolve successfully in front of you based on time, effort and consistency is what drives me and why I seek roles like this.

I take pride in the work done with innovative and forward thinking lifestyle brands and helping them shape the direction of the content to exceed the expectations and imagination of their market and audience. I liken it with team and clients to watching the birth of a new star in the night sky.