Eric  Jimenez

Eric Jimenez


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Multi-disciplinary artist/creative who is highly proficient in skills that include:
* Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
* Digital and 35mm Film Photography
* Photo editing
* Social Media Marketing
* Website Design
* Self awareness
* Emotional intelligence
* Lateral and linear thinking
* 90-100 wpm

ENFP/INFP Personality type

I enjoy working with people who are driven to succeed and who are open enough to consider ideas that may not be popular at first, but who take the risk anyway to simply explore what's possible. I am all about authenticity, transparency, and creative freedom. I strive to develop strong connections with my coworkers so that I can better understand what their unique strengths are. I am highly self aware, intuitive, and emotionally intelligent. I maintain a calm and collected attitude when under pressure or when facing adversity, which helps me stay focused and sharp when solving problems.