Jack Levy


With my strong work ethic and curiosity to learn, I am proud to be the first out of my immediate family to successfully graduate from college.

My passion lies in raising environmental awareness and promoting outdoor recreation. Understanding the importance of adventuring and working as a team, I seek out opportunities to immerse myself in new cultures and grow as a global citizen. Gaining new perspectives allows me to be well-rounded and objective, which is an essential piece for my professional interests: creating innovative methods in analyzing data to promote the best direction for meeting the vision of an organization. Throughout my studies, I utilized my keen attention to detail, high organizational skills, and research abilities, to find that public movements drive environmental change. A major influencer on environmental change is the Outdoor Industry.

In my current role as District Manager for Senator Sean McCann, I represent the Senator at in-district events, promoting the Senator's vision for environmental protection and health care. I work closely with stakeholders to increase economic growth within our county while working directly with state and local liaisons to resolve constituent matters.

Previously, I worked on the campaign, Sean McCann for State Senate, and was driven by my start-up and results-oriented mentality to collaboratively work with management to increase efficiency and engagement.

Problem-solving under pressure is my greatest strength. Working for the Outdoor Industry has allowed me to capitalize on my ambitions and demonstrate my unique set of skills and background.

Being a loyal and motivative individual, I worked for a local gear shop called Lee’s Adventure Sports and discovered the power of building communities with openness and empowerment by being honest and trustworthy. Working with a company that believes in its work culture allowed me to grow and explore my personal and professional career interests.

Fun Fact: The best experience of my life was when my team and I climbed a literal mountain together in Southeast Asia while on a sustainable volunteer trip!