Nivaldo  Bamberg


I began my career in the footwear industry when I was 13 years old, in 1983. Over my career I have been working in several sectors of the production process in the shoe factories and Trade Companies. In 1990 I started to work in the sample room and technical development in the shoe factory in Brazil, where I started to develop paper pattern, lot samples and fitting. Where I had my first contact directly with customers as well. All the past, worked in the production line and other departments inside of shoe factory. I have had some extremely valuable experiences in Brazil, China, USA and Vietnam, where I learned many different ways, technologies to make shoes, and I feel my skills and potential to work in any different countries environment are some assets I can offer. I hope to join your company&team and cooperate to make it stronger and to give you what you are expecting to achieve. Sincerely Nivaldo M. Bamberg