Carter Voekel


Carter Voekel
15 years of management & operations experience in business &consumer services, hospitality, sustainability, and retail

Searching for leadership role with innovative, rewarding, and successful organization that values individual input and teamwork.

Scout Design Studio
Operations Manager
May 2019 - August 2019 (4 months)
Dallas, Texas

Dallas CBC, LLC - Cold Beer Company
Operator and Owner
January 2013 - January 2019 (6 years 1 month)
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
• Management of 15+ contributors and managers including training, performance appraisals, and individual improvement plans
• Implementation of cost-saving methodologies via inventory management, vendor partnerships, and talent planning
• Ownership of whole-site operations, customer experience, sales reporting, merchandising, P&L, and KPI analysis

TreeHouse - The Sustainable Home Upgrade Company
Design Center Manager / Leader
January 2018 - December 2018 (1 year)
Dallas, Texas
• Team management and development including monthly 1:1 performance reviews, ADP administration, SME training, and career blueprinting
• Management and improvement of processes and operational execution tools while driving sales goals
• Transform data into insights and communicate and effectuate change with them
• Full product management including SKU creation, purchasing, fulfillment, inventory control, and visual directives

The Home Depot
Speciality Department Supervisor
March 2016 - January 2018 (1 year 11 months)
Dallas, Texas
• Departmental KPIs trend analysis, strategic planning, and team management in fast-paced environment
• Lead and motivate team members via 1:1 performance reviews, cross-functional training, scheduling, and conflict resolution
• Departmental inventory management, sales leadership, merchandising, and special order fulfillment
• Departmental communication standards, process improvements, and SOP directives creation

Last Line, LLC
General Manager
January 2007 - January 2013 (6 years 1 month)
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
• Management and development of 15+ contributors and managers via quarterly performance reviews, feedback, train-the-trainer exercises, and collaborative policy creation
• Whole-site management including procurement, purchasing, merchandising, policy direction, and inventory analysis

Partner and Operations Chief
January 2005 - January 2007 (2 years 1 month)
Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Efficient Attic Systems
Operational Lead
January 2003 - January 2005 (2 years 1 month)
Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Yahoo, Inc.
Project/Product Manager
January 1997 - January 2003 (6 years 1