Diego Kaufman


I have spent the majority of my life working in restaurants, since i was 16 years old. While in high school, I started working as a busser at Souplantation in 2013 and quickly learned how to prioritize tasks over long periods of time during a shift. AFter graduation i kept going to College and worked at an upscale restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe called "Mille Fleurs". I moved up to Food Expeditor where i would also be in charge of an extensive wine list inventory breakage. After years of being in the industry i find myself wanting to promote and sell more valuable things than just a good meal. I want to introduce amazing ideas and emotions to people who are willing to support an outdoors lifestyle. I have developed a great amount of loyalty to Vuori considering the fact all of their product are extremely versatile, functional and stylish; I honestly own multiple pairs of the "Ripstop" climber pants. I find them extremely light yet durable for those chilly approaches and are very stretchy for climbing, I wear them even when i am not climbing. I now work at "Jeune Et Jolie" four days a week and go to school full time, i spend most of my free time in the boulders of Black Mountain, Idyllwild and Joshua tree. I would love the opportunity to reveal the community with a stylish approach to living a sustainable lifestyle.