Jeshua Stevens


Award-winning senior creative with more
than a decade of experience defining visual
language of global brands. Brand strategist
and storyteller maximizing impact of
traditional and digital touch points amid
innovative integrated branding campaigns;
designer of brand systems. Veteran of online
advertising and interactive web marketing.

In-studio/on-set creative director skilled in
video and photography production. Supplier
of landing pages and banner ads. Adept in
graphic arts, typography, sketching.
Architect of engaging consumer experiences.
Practitioner of human-centered UX/UI design
committed to making the digital experience
more intuitive. Producer of mobile- and
browser-specific rich media.

Leader of creatives ensuring superior work
by cultivating ownership of projects and
fostering atmosphere of mutual respect;
recruiter of design personnel; known to
groom promising interns for staff jobs.
Culture obsessed visual thinker keenly
interested in developing the brand
experiences of tomorrow.