Alexander Gonzalez

Alexander Gonzalez

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Dear Hiring Team,

As a huge fan of Fashion and Footwear, I was really excited to see this position for a Flagship Store Manager. I feel like I’m a great match for the job and a great fit for your organization.
Over the course of my career as a retail leader, I have gained a wealth of experience successfully leading teams and growing businesses. I have a strong track record for directing budget planning initiatives, driving customer engagement, increasing market share and profitability, and building highly productive teams. I am particularly proud of achieving top 5% in the country in customer conversion increase as well as top 10% in the country for a decrease in team turnover.
When we have the time to meet, I’d like to discuss how I can make an immediate impact as a retail leader there at HUF. I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you in person or via phone regarding my qualifications and experience.

Alexander Gonzalez