Hayley Prudente


Hayley Prudente began her professional career as a UNC Chapel Hill alumnus by moving to San Diego, CA in June 2017 to continue to enrich her passion for health and fitness in the interim before applying to graduate school programs in a medical profession. As she cultivated a diverse network throughout Southern California of successful professionals in the wellness, hospitality, and entertainment industries, she realized the strengths she had developed through study and practical experience, such as sales development, brand activation, and athletic prowess, would best be synthesized in the sports business. For this reason, she decided to take the calculated risk of veering off of her original post-graduate plan by enhancing her professional portfolio through an MBA program at San Diego State University.
Hayley's time on the west coast has also granted her access to some of the best national parks in the world, enriching her passion for outdoor recreation and environmental sustainability. She is seeking a career with which she can help expand sustainable business practices within the athletic apparel or sporting events industries through partnerships, event activations, digital marketing, or supply-chain analysis. Hayley also aspires to be an advocate for equality in women's athletics, particularly through non-profit efforts to spotlight discrepancies in career opportunities and compensation, while developing young female athletes into the next generation of leaders. In the meantime, she is a founding member of the SDSU Women's Rugby Club.