Charles Hoesly


I have always been intrigued by the role of art, design and digital media in the world. Digital art and media have the ability to change entire perspectives and opinions. I believe I would fit well into the Juneshine culture as I have never really followed traditional paths, similar to the brand.

When I didn’t feel I was getting the art education I needed in college, I created my own brand to express my creativity. Along with a few friends, I founded an outerwear company focusing on fly fishing and skiing in Colorado. Using this brand, I was able to act as Creative Director and design all visual materials, clothing and social media content. I gained experience prioritizing projects, working on my own with no direction and interacting with printers and manufacturers, something a classroom education could never have provided me.

Since moving to San Diego in May, I have gained screen printing experience, embroidery skills and continued working on my own ventures. I was offered an assistant manager position at my current place of work after only 3 months but feel my creativity is better suited elsewhere. Through work at my own company and in my freelance work, I have become self-motivated, a fast-learner and excellent at multitasking multiple projects, perfect traits for this role.

I believe digital and graphic illustration is a powerful marketing tool, a way to connect with current or potential customers and a way to personalize a product. I like to emphasize the outdoors and use clean lines and colors that stand out. My familiarity with freelance work means that I am no stranger to working independently, working irregular hours and multitasking multiple projects.

I am currently enrolled in a Technical Arts and Design certificate through the University of Massachusetts to further the education my bachelors did not give me and want to continue to do that any other way I can.