Matt Traverse


Sales/Marketing Management: Develops and manages annual budget. Establishes short-term and long-term sales goals. Directs multiple and diverse product lines. Oversees inventory control/management. Performs buying pattern analysis. Develops and manages retail merchandizing program. Conducts price negotiations. Leads regional sales staff. Schedules territory deliveries. Develops territory routes. Conducts staff evaluations. Business Development: Creates new business strategies that increase sales and revenues. Successfully launches new product lines into retail stores. Establishes residual sales, conducts educational seminars, and sponsors industry networking events. Negotiates new contracts and contract extensions. Account Management: Oversees multimillion-dollar territories and accounts, interfacing directly with presidents and chief executive officers. Gives sales presentations. Conducts sales meetings. Manages customer database. Oversees and works at trade show booths. Performs cold calls. Hosts social events. Manages dispute resolution.