Ahmed Perez Gandica


Bachelor degree in Marketing and Advertising
Brand Architecture
Creative Director

Professional surfer, multidisciplinary artist and conservationist.

A human being motivated to inspire others. With a great attraction for the sea, waves, the world, its places and its people, cultural exchanges and artistic expressions such as photography, painting, writing and music. Father of Matthias Koa A.K.A Pescadito (a litle fish in English), a beautiful child who loves to surf and take care of the planet.

Modern explorer, with an alternative lifestyle supported by a dedicated work as a professional surfer, artist, and activist in the conservation of the planet through a journey of life that changed the angle from observer to activist in a mission to care for the waves, the oceans, the people and nature.

Founder of AGUA SALADA ...in English SALT WATER, an ecological project created to inspire people about love and consciousness in human ecology.