Elena Morgan

Elena Morgan


Supervisor at Elevate Textiles (June 2018-Present):

Elevate Textiles is one of the leading yarn and fabric manufacturers in the world. At the Burlington Raeford Plant, we produce the finished fabric for all military dress uniforms. During my first year, I gained a deep understanding of the yarn making process as I was the supervisor of two different departments in the yarn mill. The first department consisted of 13 people whom I managed from August '18 - December '18. Starting in January '19, a second area was added to my role which totaled my managing up to 30 people. Thus far I have worked with my team to balance production, quality, inventory, and cost while maintaining a high standard for safety and collaboration.
For two months I was lead on a short term project to identify the cause for high waste within another department. This opportunity allowed me to develop my skills in continuous improvement, data collection and analysis, and project management. Multiple theories were developed and tested, with one having promising data to back it. This created a substantial starting point for the full time CI coordinator.

Product Development Intern at Elevate Textiles (June 2017-August 2017):

For the summer of 2017, I worked for ITG’s Burlington Labs which is their primary research and development center. During my internship, I was actively engaged in the heart of the business while focusing on three main projects. The first related to Xalt GS products which are waterproof breathable outwear garments. Secondly, I worked on their No Fly Zone line which are fabrics coated with an insecticidal finish, and the last project related to researching cutting edge innovations that integrate technology directly into textiles (smart textiles).
My day-to-day schedule was ever-changing which lead to a wide exposure of the many facets within the industry. As part of my activities, I utilized the resources at Gateway Testing Center for project research which included working in a clean room operating a Scanning Electron Microscope and other equipment such as a High Performance Liquid Chromatographer (HPLC), UV-vis spectrophotometer, Hydrostatic Tester, Energy-Dispersive X-ray (EDX), and more. In additional to pure r&d activities, I gained a deeper understanding of the product development process and how certain approvals and regulations can affect a product’s path into the market. It was educational to see how ITG has adapted to an evolving industry by ensuring their products meet the demands of the public. Burlington Labs provided me with a valuable experience that has allowed me to grow as a professional and understand the realities of the workplace.