Stephen Willson


I believe that all great accomplishments have been achieved by teams of diverse and motivated individuals focused on the needs of their customers. Synergy and dynamism grow when members combine their strengths to build something greater than any one of them could do alone. Constant learning makes one ever more valuable to that team. I live and lead by these ideals.

Skills I have gained through my life of learning and which I bring to my teams are:

- Global management and an international network
- Research and Development
- Global procurement
- Market and business analysis
- Product management
- Process improvement and change management (Lean Six Sigma and Project Management)
- Program management
- Familiar with many manufacturing processes (injection molding, additive manufacturing, metal casting, metal fabrication, etc.)
- Leading global virtual/remote teams via collaborative tools (video teleconferencing, SharePoint, MS Teams, Zoom, Slack, Skype, Zoho)
- Projects supporting high-tech multi-million dollar information and communications systems
- Public speaking and written communication
- Foreign language
- Training and education
- Aerospace
- General operations and budget management.
- Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Solidworks 3D CAD, Abas ERP, Zoho Projects.
- Demonstrated ability to learn new applications, processes, and technologies