Kirk Huffman


I have made my professional living as an Artist for over 23 years. I have worked for some great companies with some great Artists and for some great clients. I have been a part of some very successful Art Departments and I have a very diverse background. I have worked with some of the top companies in the world and have been fortunate to have worked for as many as I have. I believe my experience is one of my strengths. I have done everything from Print Design and Magazine ads, to Web Design and Multimedia Design, to Logo and Brand Development as well as all kinds of Digital Illustration. All of these experiences have made me a well balanced Artist and person. I have learned valuable lessons with each new challenge. Being a part of many companies, I have seen what works and I have seen what has not. Allowing me to grow and apply these lessons in my everyday position as an Artist and Art Director. Some of my personal strengths I believe are: Creativity and Talent - I have been interested in art from and early age. I always excelled in school in art projects and creative thinking and later on in art classes and art competitions. I believe my involvement in sports only stregthened my competitive nature in art. I have crafted my abilities and made the most of my passion and I enjoy the path I have chosen. I believe in my skill and talent and have worked hard to always push myself to grow to be the best artist I can be. Passion - I love Art and being able to be Creative. I enjoy all kinds of art and I draw influence from many different mediums. My passion drives me to be better, even after all these years. I want to be good at what I do and I want people to see that when they see something I design. It's always fuels my creative fire. Self Motivated - I understand that there are many personalities in the workplace. I love to learn new things and to be challenged - a determined personality and always striving to be the best I can be. I want every project I do to be the very best it can be because that piece of art not only has the company name attached to it, but also my own. Strive to be Successful - My Goals - Constantly nourish and develop my creative side. That doesn't just mean hone your skills in particular software or become great at r ecognizing pantone swatches. It means think about what makes people love the way things look to them. It's more than just making something look good, it's about making it look right for the selected audience. Aesthtics are essential and cannot always be explained. Good Peripheral Vision - It's one thing to specialize in a certain area of the industry and certainly knowing your subject inside out is essential, but maintaining good peripheral vision is a must too. Even though I often have to produce for certain clientel and focus on a particular subject matter, I still follow what's going on in branding and advertising, and indeed the wider creative world. My involvement and ability to excell in sports has definitely transistioned seamlessly into my career as an artist and Art director. I was chosen for many all-star teams and was chosen as the M.V.P. many times. My success and experience in sports has allowed me to be a better leader and better team player in the work environment. I understand the importance of knowing your teammates and understanding what motivates each individual. I have been the Art director of as many as 15 and as little as 2. The approach is the same, lead by example and understand that the artist spend more time at work than they do at home. Therefore, it is very important that each one is shown appreciation for the job they do and the unique abilities that they have are utilized and acknowledged. GRAPHIC DESIGNS POSTERS/ADS AWARD WINNING SEPARATIONS