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Rocco Tortorella


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My name is Rocco Tortorella. I just moved to Colorado from Los Angeles. I am a professional videographer and editor looking to connect and work with production companies based in Colorado. My background consists of everything from weddings, music festivals, events, music videos, short films, to commercials, to social media content.

My most extensive experience is within the music industry. I spent 4 years working for Insomniac (one of the biggest music event production companies in the world) as an in-house editor / videographer for all of the company’s festivals and music events. Prior to this, most of my experience came from working with the top wedding production company in Los Angeles, Wind Productions. I’m an expert in editing with Adobe Premiere (and synching audio). After working for Insomniac, I worked with the Netflix show “Flaked” as a camera assistant as well as personal assistant to two of the producers.

Most recently I’ve been working with the Imagine Nation, a group of artists and creators who have primarily built stages for festivals at events like Electric Forest, EDC, Symbiosis, LIB, etc. After working with them for many years as their main videographer, we decided to steer the company more towards video production. This past year we created an episodic series consisting of 13 episodes, each around 25min in length, to be released next month. It’s the story of two derelict brothers who travel down the west coast getting themselves into shenanigans (think Dumb and Dumber meets Trailer Park Boys)