Fernando Denti


I am a designer, musician, artist and skateboarder attracted to creative processes, image manipulation and audio visual experiments.

I enjoy observing the world around me and delve in deeply into details in the search and creations of new artistic languages.

My type of work changes according to the each project that I create.
I am a hands-on person with manual skills in different art techniques.
I also have experience in development from the conception of ideas to the execution and monitoring of processes.

In my career I was able to develop different types of projects from visual identities, products, collections, visual experiments and soundtracks for different types of companies from the skate market, art, fashion, advertising with different brands including Volcom, Converse, Adidas, Puma. Getty Images, Jenkem Magazine.

Seeking for new opportunities outside of Brazil where I can be part of a team that I have the freedom to come up with new ideas and help everyone to develop as a group also.