Matt Ciaglia


Title Designer / Theatrical Motion Graphics Designer / Art Direction.

I use a wide variety of tools, techniques, and experience to create media for platforms. Working as a creative lead, design, zbrush artist, video-photographer or animator I collaborate and contribute to delivering projects.

Create, Cut and Edit content using Motion Design / Animation for a variety of platforms for both entertainment and brand clients. Current on all the latest trends and best practices.

Ideate, brainstorm, and execute a range of motion graphic animation techniques.

Participates in all kickoff and internal project assignments including brainstorming and idea ownership.

Collaborate with teams (both creative and technical) and contribute to creative process.

Provide creative direction to junior / freelance content creators on the team.

Previous work with branded content and guidelines.

Strong understanding of design layout, typography, and compositing

Experienced compositing skills in rotoscoping, motion tracking, color correction, and mixed formats.

Strong knowledge of animation and design principles

Various forms of 2D to 2.5D motion graphic text animation

Advance level After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere and Zbrush.

Experience in 3D animation

Experience managing multiple projects at once and prioritizing tasks with pressing deadlines and client needs.

I work best in small teams or solo. I love to learn new skills and be challenged.

When I am not doing work, I spend all my free time with my son, ride bikes, hit the gym or hike.

Extended Bio: • [email protected]