Naomi McNeal


I am looking to start a career with your company so I can grow both personally and professionally. I would love the opportunity to be apart of your organization so I can help the company produce the desired results. I am seeking to be apart of a great company with the intent to make the company even better with my effort, resilience, integrity and dedication. I have always hoped to be apart of your organization based on my dreams of wanting to be involved in the sports industry. I have always been a huge basketball fan and when I was growing up, my goal was to go to the WNBA and as a backup plan I wanted to become either an NBA analyst or a sports anchor for ESPN. My aspirations are to join your team of hard-working professionals and achieve your mission statement. It would be an honor and a pleasure to be a representation of your organization. I hope you find my skills and experience suitable to the requirements mentioned for this position. I have experience in communications, procurement, sales, talent acquisition, accounting, business development and customer service, and I would like to bring my talents to your company. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Grand Valley State University in Michigan and I am a very articulate and effective speaker. I will bring a strong work ethic with a lot of determination to assist the company in succeeding. I can be very successful working in large or small groups as well as working alone. I am gifted with discernment and the ability to be able to pay very close attention to minutiae detail. I have great leadership skills and I am capable of multitasking at a very quick pace. I live with an integrity that causes me to strive to do the best job possible every day in the most professional and productive way. I work very well under pressure and I am capable of following instructions and procedures efficiently. I am looking forward to bringing my charisma and my mogul driven personality to your company. I will perform any task presented to me and I will take on new challenges that arise. I wish to receive an opportunity for an interview for the position mentioned. I can guarantee that I can perform the functions of the job in a timely and professional manner. You can contact me by phone or email. Thank you for considering my application.