Manuel Ramos


A Graphic Designer with 3-years of experience specializing in creating and managing daily social media content for platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit. Expertise in creating eye-catching digital marketing material to promote sales and branding material to clients through CRM software including Mailchimp and Constant Contact. As well as, 3 years of Videography expertise including handling camera equipment and capturing footage, and editing a multitude of styles such as commercial materials to promote sales and offers, music videos, vlog/branding material, and motion graphics. With the ability to adapt to any project I’ve been able to provide a range of companies with up to trend product design and photography, logo designs, mobile UI design, website content design, and much more. My passion is taking on every challenge with strong attention to detail and organization to ensure that every piece of content I create is on brand and will provide positive results, whether it’s to boost sales, boost brand awareness, or improve the visual aspects of a web page.