Alyssa K Setia


passionate photographer, creative designer, purposeful traveler
animal + nature lover, adventure chaser

Traveling near or far, I am inspired by the little details, fleeting moments, characters, smiles and sensory explosions that bring a destination to life. Every day offers new adventures and chances to capture + freeze those awe-inspiring moments.

create. DESIGN
As a graphic designer all of my work reflects my problem solving mindset, influences, goals and unique design aesthetic. Graphic design challenges me in positive ways and pushes me to become a greater artist, thinker and communicator.

connect. TRAVEL
The more I see, explore and take in while traveling, the more I am realizing there is nothing else that allows me to experience life as intensely and openly. Each new place expands my mind, heart, soul and love for all that makes us unique and different. Traveling allows you to become so many different versions of yourself.

(Currently in Colorado, looking for next opportunity in California)