Arefin Wahid Sheikh


Worked as a Merchandiser at TSN Clothing Ltd. office address : House # 351,Lane # 5, Baridhara DOHS & factory address : BP Garments Ltd. 331 New Outer Circular Road, Mogbazar, Dhaka from 1st July 2007 to 15th November 2010.

Then worked as a Merchandiser at PDS Multinational Group (Norwest Industries Ltd.) from 21st November 2010 to 31st December 2012.

Then worked as a Senior Merchandiser at Dewhirst Group Ltd. Bangladesh Representative Office from 8th January 2013 to 31st March.

Then worked at Grupo Kaybee Bangladesh Liaison Office as a Senior Merchandiser from 26th April 2014 to till 31st March 2016.

Then worked at Snowtex Outerwear Limited as an Assistant Merchandise Manager from 1st April 2016 to 6th April 2017.

Lastly worked at Westend Clothing Limited as a Senior Merchandiser/Account Manager from 13th August 2017 to 24th August 2018.