Siobhan O'Connor


I have spent my career in CPG, excelling at both big and small: most recently, serving as VP of Finance and Operations for a start-up in the Philadelphia area. Prior to this role, I held a variety of finance and accounting roles during my time at Deloitte and the Campbell Soup Company, including Audit, Supply Chain and FP&A. I also obtained invaluable international experience working as an expat in Denmark (The Kelsen Group: Danish Butter Cookies!) for a newly acquired subsidiary of Campbell's. While my big company experience has been incredibly beneficial, I am looking to build on my most recent role, where I was the voice of finance and accounting while actively involved in the holistic operations of a company.

I am a unique finance professional who can balance the softer “business partnering” skills with the need to protect the P&L, be the unbiased voice on the leadership team, and hold the organization accountable. In fact, I love and excel in the business partnering aspect. As a former D-1 college athlete at Villanova University, I thrive in environments that truly value teamwork, cross-functional collaboration, and 100% commitment.

I am a proven team player with an unmatched work ethic, a passion for identifying root cause issues, improving business processes and driving business results, never compromising integrity.