Natalie Wessels


PROFILE " Experienced Organisational Change Management Specialist " Candidate Master of Business Administration (Research Paper in progress) " Honours Degree, Industrial Psychology " Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Psychology, Human Resource Management and Corporate Communication VISION To utilise my acumen to align organisational change interventions and people requirements to achieving the mission critical objectives of organisations, thereby enhancing shareholder value. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I am an experienced change management professional with expertise in all aspects of organisational change, focusing on the enablement of impacted employees during cultural, behavioral, process, system and technology change initiatives. I offer more than 20 years' experience working on challenging change projects in various sectors, including financial services, mining, HR and higher education across Africa, where I provided bespoke, individual, team, leadership and organisational change solutions. I consider myself to be a modern day globally enlightened subject matter expert with excellent command of numerous aspects of change management. I possess strong history in people, system and process change with hands on experience formulating and implementing bespoke organisational change management solutions. My deep understanding of the human psyche during change and situational awareness, combined with my business acumen enable me to provide bespoke human, technical and culture change solutions to organisations. Excellent communication, planning and organisation skills, with a strong aptitude to influence, motivate and train high performance teams and individuals to transfer skills and execute strategies effectively.