Carl Beldon


I am currently a Private Sector employee with more than 35 years’ experience in the area of Procurement, including Strategic Category Management, Quantity Take-off, Supplier Relationships, Staff Management, Workplace Training, Warehousing and Report Preparation.

I am currently employed in the position of Regional Manager with Jeyco Australia P/L (NT Office). I commenced employment in this role in 2012, originally as Branch Manager. During this time, I have procured Thousands of Tonnes of Goods, Millions of Dollars’ worth of Works & Services, Tenders and Projects, including Tenders and general supply for the Australian Government.

I have been successful in this position due to my ability to build solid, and honest relationships with both suppliers and clients. I can connect with, influence and facilitate suitable negotiations with varied and applicable individuals as required on a regular basis. I have built an enviable reputation with many new and existing clients and suppliers.

After working as the Regional Manager in Darwin for the past 7 + years, I am ready to transition into a position that presents an exiting new set of challenges. While my time at Jeyco Australia has led me to career milestones such as; LTI free for the entire duration; engaging local contractors and suppliers to build a solid service offering in the NT; building of a sustainable client base; setting up of a fully operational office, warehouse and customer service facility, I’m excited for the opportunity to submit my application for your vacancy.

I am self-motivated & motivated to succeed. I take pleasure in interacting with people & have acquired the necessary experience to compensate for fragilities sometimes encountered in certain organisations. I bounce back from adversity & recover from setbacks in an instant. I can quickly & effectively adjust to all situations in a diverse & multicultural society. I am looking forward to accepting another challenging position to stimulate my intellect.

I have always demonstrated and fostered a "can-do" spirit, a sense of optimism and urgency, ownership and strong commitment to achieving goals and organizational success, managing work performance and accountabilities. I continually prepare and deliver clear, concise, timely and persuasive communications. I actively listen to others, demonstrate a team mentality by promoting the open exchange of ideas and opinions where multiple stakeholders are involved. I enjoy being flexible, and I strive to provide new solutions and outcomes to fit the market demand.

In summary, I am an innovative and creative, keen and conscientious applicant who interacts well with clients and peers. My continued drive, and results orientated mentality working in an autonomous position in harsh conditions, are an example of my personality, courage and determination.