Esin Demirel


Dear All,

19 years of experience in textile industry gives me the chance of handling product development from sourcing, sampling, & price negotiation and from concept through to bulk delivery strongly with collaborating different departments including garment and fabric suppliers in a timely manner, with the best price &quality.

As detailed in my resume, my experiences which I gained in regional buying and production offices and in production facilities of various textile brands with different product types and business domains. I learned a lot about sustainable products, product risk & quality management and planning efficiently.
I believe that these experiences have equipped me with necessary competence for support and collaborate with different departments, countries, companies.
I feel confident about my knowledge of textile products especially for price quotations, quality expectations and I have a strong follow up. I have motivation about growing business, and my passion about leading business through people!
This position fascinates me because my first company was a denim production factory, I have worked in Denim Departments especially for Men`s divisions at Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole, COS, &Other Stories. I am a self-driven and highly motivated person who can work independently and as a team player. I am good at problem solving, negotiations, stakeholder management and my supervisors define me as flexible and quick learner. I feel these qualities enhance my value as an employee for this role.
I have worked with several cultures and working in multicultural environments inspires me a lot!

Yours sincerely,
Esin Demirel