Leonard Brizuela


13 years of experience. I have used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign for all design projects. I am knowledgeable in designing with variable materials- clothing, packaging, and various stationary items. Produced numerous fliers, advertisements, logos & web graphics. Experience in dealing with printing vendors to make sure printing results are to quality standards before going to production.
Responsible for all design projects to communicate to customers through designing web banners for the company’s website, advertisements, embroidery, and all other print materials. I was assigned to create/design different characters, including company’s mascot, also designed company’s current logo. Responsible with company’s private car parts line, in regards to the design for all the packaging and making sure results are of quality standards before going to production. 13 years experience in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.

• Designed fliers & web banners that spotlights products and/or brands that are being promoted for the month. Most were done in-house; Shoot images of products (if vendor has none), place image in promo advertisement (flyer and web banner) that is designed by me.

• Accustomed to completing projects ahead of time, since numerous requests were last minute, and had to be completed within a day or two.

• Designed logos for various marketing campaigns and exclusive customer programs.