Nick Marello


I started my career in printing and prepress as a graphic designer, retoucher and production artist in Chicago, IL. After moving to Orange County, CA to work at Wunderman on the Taco Bell Account I got my first opportunity to lead a team. Over the years I improved my leadership skills and I excel at identifying, nurturing and developing talent.

I have evolved over the years and have now built and managed teams and workflow processes for all production disciplines as well as leading creative services and business operations. I have an entrepreneurial mentality with an ability to find creative ways to generate new revenue streams and grow profitability. I Designed and oversaw construction of 2,500 Sq Ft post production facility. I was able to grow that business an average of 14% YOY for 6 years. Once revenue was at capacity I created a $300K expansion plan. Revenue was nearly double in the first year from $3.3M to $6M.

Being the leader of several production studios has also led me to be heavily involved in IT, where I have driven innovation and cost savings. This also gives me a handle on the breadth and interconnectedness of all parts of the agency. This helps me to streamline internal processes with hardware and software solutions to support efficient production and delivery of great creative work.

Although I have been in a leadership role for sometime now, I am a working manager. I welcome the opportunity to role up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. It can sometimes be extremely therapeutic to get back to my roots. Noting keeps me more in-tune with the teams I am leading than actually being down in the trenches with them. It is something I pride myself on and look forward to continuing in the future.

• Scaled creative services team from 5 to 60 over 5 year period
• Reversed post production P&L net profit from -98K to +400K within one year
• Grew post revenue average 14% YOY for last 6 years
• Decreased COGS from 25% to 15% of revenue
• Designed tech & AV for social media listening room
• Designed floor plan and oversaw construction of 2,500 Sq. Ft. post production studio
• Created business plan for $300k expansion of post production facility
• Nearly doubled revenue from $3.3M to $6M in first year after expansion
• Oversaw operational due diligence on successful $240M M&A target.
• Created business plan to take post production facility from in house department to full scale production company spin off
• Participated in the creation of multiple successful Super Bowl ads