Mehmet Ciftcioglu


I am a digital marketing specialist who manages the marketing processes of different e-commerce sites. I provide services such as digital marketing budget management, developing creative advertising strategies and reaching the target audience through the right channels for my customers. I am an expert in Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager.

Over 8 years of experience in Posta, Turkish mainstream daily journal and digital media sector as journalist, practising, writing articles, reporting, video news management and mobile applications management. I worked as photojournalist in social events. I was appointed as the mobile applications director due to the training he received during his term as an editor. As part of the digital transformation of Posta, I worked in project development processes.

After graduating from Communication High School, I received his Associate Degree in Radio and Television Programming from Trakya University. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Press from Anadolu University. Certified for mobile application design and digital marketing. After working in Istanbul, Turkey currently live in the city of Eskisehir.