Dean Singleton


Professional Cinematographer/ Editor with a strong eye for detail & 10 years of dedicated industry practice.
Experience working on commercial production sets, in studio, shooting docu-style, event recap & more;
alongside various magazines, brands, musicians, professional artists, athletes, business owners, & other
subjects of interest! My work is consistently published on major platforms, however each project is tailored to
the clients' specific needs for aesthetic & practical application.

Experience shooting in a wide variety of genres - with an even wider variety of clientele. This past year alone
included Chanel, Red Bull, Adidas, Nike & about a dozen more freelance clients. Genres of shooting/ editing
range from lifestyle, docu-style, event recap, short film, music video, action sports coverage, commercial,
realty, business promotion and many more. All video packages are delivered at high quality, with an efficient
and consistent delivery/ turnover rate. Veteran user of Adobe suite software - including Premiere Pro
(certified), After Effects, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve and roundtrip exporting for a high resolution, finished

Core Qualifications

• Exceptional experience in cinematography/ lighting, editing and audio recording.
• Drone Operator - Mavic 2 Pro (+ color grading)
• Pre-production experience in storyboarding, shot-list creation, location scouting, budgeting, casting, lighting
(production exp. collectively as DP, grip/ gaffer), camera operator (1st & 2nd AC), etc.
• Strong expertise in (but not limited to) action sports cinematography/ editing & documentary work - both
for commercial use & documentary style. This has given me a strong eye for detail, while being able to
adapt to different shooting scenarios quickly and professionally.
• Time management skills for projects with fast turn-around rates.
• Edited content into a high-quality video, clearly delivering the key messages to reflect the company brand
identity; using all of the software's listed below -
• Software experience includes; but is not limited to: Adobe Premiere (certified), After Effects, Media
Encoder, DaVinci Resolve, Lightroom/ Photoshop, Avid Media Composer & more.
• Proficiency in logging/ organizing content & delivering product to client.
• Highly organizational w/ both time & media content; ensuring all projects are backed up & ready for re-use.
• Familiar w/ social web properties to ensure each project meets it's end goal/ target audience.