Lotte Hendriks


Please let me refer you to my resume for this. In short, I am a centipede and a "can-do" with a gift for writing and talented in so many ways I would not know how to use all of them in one lifetime.

For one thing, I am exceedingly creative, original and unique in practically all arts. As a writer, I am nothing short of brilliant, but I also paint, sing and dance on a semi-professional level. You might want to check out my creative and literary site: This will give you somewhat of an impression. because first and foremost I identify as an artist and author rather than a professional and an academic. . I have been publishing since age fourteen, under various pseudonyms, writing poetry, short stories, plays, lyrics, musicals, columns, interviews, essays, editorials and magazine articles.

But that is by no means all. as I have many other qualities and skills which most definitely make me count as an experienced (and Senior) professional, and not just in one field. My professional career includes, but is not limited to: Academic Research, Teaching, Translation, Subtitling, Editing, Project Management, Co-ordination, Coaching and Counseling, PR and Public Speaking, Press Relations, Journalism, Chairing, Strategy, Organisation, Administration, Internal Communications , Marketing, Campaigns and Events, Social Media Influencing and natural Leadership. You can read more about these on my LinkedIn page, which has a passionate intro, a list of professional skills and assets and my most recent portfolio.