Koray Cabir


I have 8 years Social-Environmental Compliance Audit experience in the Textile Sector. I've worked with 2 suppliers to date as Code of Conduct Responsible in Akademi Tekstil (4 years) and in Cross Jeanswear (2 years). In addition I am working as the auditor in a 3rd Party Institution known as Elevate Global (Since the beginning of 2018). I have knowledge across most Textile Brands' regarding Social-Environmental Compliance demands. Throughout my auditing career, I have completed over 1500 audits and visited over approximately 600 facilities which include knitting, sewing, finishing, washing, dying, embroidery, and printing. I have extensive local knowledge of all the above mentioned processes. Working with various brands (H&M, Inditex, Primark, River Island, New Look, C&A, Wall Mart, Next, Lindex, Pimkie, Mango, Varner, Arcadia, Adidas, Williams Sonoma, Under Armour, JC Penny, Egmont, Starbucks, Amazon, KiK, Nordstorm, Hanes) to share and prepare sub-contractors on the social and environmental demands required. I am certified as Lead Auditor from Intertek, SA8000 Basic & Advanced Auditor Certificates from SAI, Hazardous Substance Control from SGS, ZDHC Chemical Management Certificate from Intertek. I have a broad knowledge of HIGG Module for Environmental and Social.