Chloe Donnelly


I am an experienced writer and copy editor who has been published internationally in both English and Italian. I am also a seasoned English teacher, whose efficiency and accuracy have been honed by thousands of hours of proofreading and editing student work. My love for language has also lead me to study linguistics at the graduate level, which I have been doing for several years.
As an educator and freelance writer, I am very skilled in juggling multiple tasks. While living in Italy last year, I taught English, attended a master’s program at Ca’Foscari University, and acted as the copy-editor and translator for an interview series in an online magazine called La Voce di New York. I currently work as an ESL teacher, creating personalized lesson plans each week and balancing this with grading student work, leading activities, and fulfilling bureaucratic and administrative duties. I also attend the Linguistics MA program at Cal State University Long Beach—a large part of which consists of conducting research through various online databases and reading scholarly articles. I am accustomed to reading lengthy documents with specialized jargon, and creating digestible summaries to present to my colleagues in my grad program, or in teachers’ development seminars. I am practiced at presenting information like a story, and adapting the tone of that story to suit my audience.