Elena Ede


Hello my name is Elena! I am 24, a climber and very novice surfer. I’ve been looking for a break into the world of really awesome companies who I can grow in yet still have a sense of stability and your team sounds like a dream fit for me.

I have worked in varied positions within customer service in the food and culinary industry as well as human relations and connection for special education classrooms. I currently hold a position as a FOH manager for a new bakery/cafe which entails for me to have constant 1:1 interactions in order to create a calm and smooth environment. In terms of the schools I worked with, I was a paraprofessional and teaching assistant who worked alongside teachers and parents to create positive and creative environments for their children to learn and grow, all while completing the computer work, paper work, emails and constant communication it takes to hold those positions. Before this I was working as a 1:1 aid for high behavior special education classrooms as well as a part time respite worker offering in home care to families who needed it. I loved my work in special education but did not see a future in it for myself, and would love to take the skills that I applied and acquired for these positions to your team!

I currently hold a position as a FOH Manager for a bakery/restaurant and am looking for job opportunities to facilitate a move back to California in March/April, but have not informed my current employer of this move until I see a possible career opportunity. I would love an opportunity to be on your team, and if that is an option I hope to hear back. Thank you!