William Cochrane


I was production coordinator for affliction handling all WIP reports, printing and passing out CADs, running full circle reports, managing all communication to US vendors with account managers, bridging the communication gap between US and Mexico workers as styles made the transfer from US factory to Mexico factory. and worked at our factory in Mexico 3-4 days a week. I got hands on knowledge learning from every floor manager and the company owner of how everything is made whether its stock blanks, cut n sew or shipped from china. I learned about a lot about the major and minor mistake that happen in each process and ways to fix them. I've stayed up 24hrs running repair teams on styles that need to ship the next day (we had rooms in the Mexico factory...)I always reviewed directly with the owner so my answers of why something wasn't done was never enough teaching me to think the same. the company was run openly so any where I could make an impact or people lacked knowledge I jumped in to learn and fill that need. I gained a lot of experience in those two year and gained a lot of promotions as well. Receiving 3 promotions and 4 pay raises in those 2 years.