Garrison T Bullock


Portfolio Website:

I am an industrial/product designer by trade, but I have been working to transfer my skills into the field of apparel design. My first experience with textile design was in school during a sponsored studio by Western Forge where I designed a harness for ironworkers with a built-in hydration pack. The project pushed me past my comfort zone, forcing me to learn about sewing and textile construction. Ever since this project I have developed an interest in working with textiles and now desire to work in the apparel design industry. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I consistently feel the need to learn and push my limits. I want to be connected to an organization that shares my passion for design and a team that I can learn and grow with over time.

Presently, I am a creative coordinator responsible for designing and selling custom beer tap handles and Point of Sale products to beverage companies. This job organically grew out of an internship while in design school at Auburn University. Blending the diversity of my internships brought added dimensions to my design skills and perspective as to how the world of business and design collide. I have enjoyed exercising my growing skills within the respective companies, but now desire to align my passion for design with my passion for the outdoor industry, adventure, and a healthy lifestyle.

Like my other internships, this job has expanded my horizons beyond design and into a sales/business role. By working remotely, I have learned accountability, self-discipline, and time management. However, I feel that as a young designer my ability to grow and eventually earn the right to lead others requires that I work with a team today. I know that daily feedback and interaction with others will ultimately grow me to greater success tomorrow.