Chetan Garga


Well-rounded, results oriented General Manager with deep experience across Technology, Operations, Finance, HR, Risk, Legal & Admin. This is complemented with appreciation of multi-national cultures, proficiency in working with global teams, developing Board level agendas and delivering business focused solutions.
Goal oriented, metric driven professional with 3 decades of global experience who thrives on change. Working style includes: collaborating with peers, stakeholders and staff across levels, strong communication and influencing skills, leveraging innovation with an enterprise view while walking the floor and having fun at work.
Regular invitee to panel discussions and lectures at Indian Institute of Management

Areas include:
-Managing Director, Country Head and Board member of a Fortune 100 Insurer. Built a 4,800+ person organization from inception with a syndicated vision for the next phase to create deeper value with measured growth across Technology, Operations and Analytics
? Implementing a talent focused and metric driven culture with Delivery and Operational Excellence, collaboration across verticals and a transformation oriented agenda
? Chair, NASSCOM GCC (Global Capability Centre), Bangalore Council driving Value creation agendas in collaboration with global peer group companies. Regular panelist for MNC Senior leadership visits and invitee for lectures at Indian Institute of Management
? Chairperson for the Corporate Social Responsibility committee focusing on women empowerment, children's education, youth to work schemes and Water management
? Managing a Micro-Finance initiative on a pro bono basis. Awarded the prestigious Computerworld 'Laureate' 2012 award for using IT for economic benefit. Selected from 500 nominations across 25 countries
? Setting up and managing the back office operations center of a US based Financial Institution in the CAO role with Management Board responsibilities for India organization
? Managing Transitions for new processes and ensuring process standardization with a view to driving process and operational excellence
? In charge of BCP. Developed tools to manage Concentration risk, deployed across the organization and commended by the Fed
? Received Chairman's 'Absolute Quality Award' for building the India Organization
? Defining the IT and BPO strategy for Financial Institutions including business models, organization models, activities to be outsourced, vendor management etc.
? Providing strategic consulting and implementation to Trans-National Organizations actively pursuing or embarking on off shoring initiatives, developing specific Business & Financial models and performing scenario analysis to test the viability
? Built a Centre of Excellence for Investment Banking in the largest Asian IT Consulting firm (TCS). This encompassed creating a blue-print for the practice, setting up the organization structure and recruiting staff, creating strategic consulting and product offerings, developing necessary training programs, institutionalizing existing assets
? As Global Head of e-Business, manage internet related initiatives. Investigate & setup partnering opportunities with the objective of leveraging non core assets
? Global Program Manager for a multi-market equity order management system (budget $ 10 mil + in '98), electronic banking & Knowledge Management
? Experienced IT Director with extensive International experience managing multi-cultural teams globally. Worked extensively in Asia - Singapore 8+ years, India 13 years and Europe - UK/Paris 5+ years