George Sadakane


Able to contribute to a team, to coach, to lead, motivate and manage a diverse staff. Experience in training individuals in scheduling, material, inventory, facility and logistics management. Ability to analyze systems and procedures and to create and implement plans. Proven dedication to quality assurance. Expertise in MRP II, ERP, production and inventory control, supply chain management, Complex Multi-level eBOM - mBOM, procurement, industrial engineering, lean manufacturing, configuration management, manufacturing, paint, processing, importing, exporting, shipping, receiving, dispatching, logistics, Apparel, Government Property Depot Retrofit- Repair, Furnish Equipment, US Customs and warehousing. Experience in a wide variety of Products from the Apache Helicopter, C-17, Satellites, Delta Rockets, Advance Cruise Missile, 717, 737, MD11, MD80, 25MM - 30MM Cannons, F-18 and Antenna Measurement Systems. Customer focus with the strong ability to analyze, research, organize, ensure quality and efficiency in work and to ensure team coordination and communication. Proven adaptability, flexibility and forward thinking